Video for broadcast and Web

I've witnessed and participated in the evolution of video from analog tape to digita and 4K as well as from broadcasting to web based distribution.

As technology continues to evolve one thing remains constant - STORYTELLING.

Good videos begin with the written word and the story that it must communicate...

This is some of my favorite work in video for broadcast and/or social media.

Please respect all ©copyrights.

Other, cool videos


Some of the videos below, which I have directed, have NOT been authorized for distribution because of technical issues beyond my control.

I am placing them here for DEMO purposes only and NOT FOR SHARING by any means.

Please respect the copyright holders and, again do NOT download or share under any cirmunstances!

I appreciate your cooperation!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of links below will open a DropBox page where the video files are stored.

Negroni's Trio:

"El Incomprendido" featuring Pedro Capó.

Lucas Jerez:

"Para No Pensarte"

Lucas Jerez:

"Volví A Soñarte"

"El Misterio Humano" or The Human Mystery is a pilot for a proposed TV docu-drama series.

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