creative wizard

My Work Experience

• First Assistant Director and Unit Production

  Manager in Puerto Rico's premiere film  production

  company back in the '80s.

• Travelled  the US  from New York to Seattle, and

   producer in a commercial film company in LA.

• Freelance Broadcast Producer in Puerto Rico for

  numerous ad agencies.

• Advertising agency creative / copywriter.

• BA in Communications. MAED Adult Education and

  Distance Training.

• Licensed in Health and Life Insurance in Puerto

  Rico and Florida.

• Actor (SAG), musician, singer, songwriter.

I love using my experience to serve people like YOU, leveraging current and developing technologies to communicate your message effectively...

without needless overhead!

Life Work

From the time I was a kid I loved playing music (drums and percussion), drawing, writing, acting, and making people laugh.

How could I put all those passions together to make a living?


You might've heard of some of my satisfied customers:


Ernesto Morales-Ramos MA ED

Chief Creative Wizard

Film/Video Director/Producer Clients:

KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Sony, The Home Depot, Telemundo, FirstBank, Scotiabank, Microsoft, GE,  Schering-Plough, Merck, Pfizer, San Juan Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources,  and CUNY Hunter College, Puerto Rican Leadership Council of South Florida.  

Creative Director/Copywriter Clients:

American Express, ScotiaBank, Scotia Mortgage, Janssen Ortho McNeill, Abbott, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota / Scion, Triple-S Insurance, Popular Democratic Party, Commonwealth of Puerto Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration, ERA Business Solutions, etc., etc., etc.

Teacher/Trainer/Media Coach

Lecturing Professor

Universidad del Este - Ana G Mendez University System.

Miami Dade College Kendall Campus.


Puerto Rico Department of Education’s Television as an Effective Educational Strategy program.

Marketing Consultant  

Evermedia, Inc., EcoEnergy Trends, and Hospitality & Tourism International Marketing Group,

Media Coach/Communications Consultant

Puerto Rican gubernatorial candidates and other political campaigns.


American Graphic Design Award 2007

Graphic Design USA

Mercedes Benz: “Madame Butterfly.”

Excel Award

Puerto Rico Association of

Public Relations Professionals

FirstBank: “Verano Verde”

(Green Summer)


BA, Communications

MA ED Adult Education &

Distance Learning



Did I mention I love to play the drums? Again?

Music Producer

Professional Actor (SAG)


Did I mention I love to play drums?

Miami: -773-3910

San Juan: 787-539-7111


Where to Reach Me:


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